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Power Logging Services Melbourne

Improving the Efficiency of your Electrical Systems and Installations

Planning an upgrade to your electrical system? Bidwell electrics can install our power loggers anywhere in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia from one day to sixty days, and provide a full detailed report outlining your electrical systems. With multiple power loggers on hand, we can simultaneously power log all the switch boards within your installation to gain an in-depth knowledge of all the switchboards and electrical characteristics of the installation.

Before commencing any electrical installation works it is recommended that you power log your installation at design phase to determine if the installation can handle the new additions, avoid any costly power failures and help you determine where money can be saved. Power loggers are great for use in homes, businesses or even power logging individual machines.

What is Power Logging?

Power logging is the method of connecting a power logger to your electrical system via probes for voltage and tongs for current. The power logger will log voltage, current, hertz, power factor, harmonics, power and much, much more. The power logger records each of the measurements required at intervals which can be set at the time of installation and then records this data to the power logger. The data is then downloaded and compiled with the site evaluation information to give you a detailed report of your installation.

What we’ll do

Dedicated to transforming and improving our customer’s access to electricity the team at Bidwell Electrics will happily deliver a number of personalised and detailed services to improve the safety and efficiency of your system or installation. By conducting thorough inspections and testing of switchboards and other integral systems we can ensure that your system operates safely and according to specification.

Our power logging reports contain photo’s, cable sizes, current readings, voltage readings, cable capacities, block diagrams, graphs, issues and recommendations. We will deliver our report in PDF format and data logging results will be delivered in excel format for our electrical designers to use.

Our power loggers are installed safely and we make every effort to not be any inconvenience to your workplace and can complete our works out of hours if required.

Whether it be a minor renovation, maintenance, new installations or major rebuilds, Bidwell Electrics are here to help you along the way to make the right decisions for your electrical installation. To make your installation better than ever call us on 03 9770 8963.

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